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"We might not be perfect but we are perfect for eachother"

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ℳallory, 17 ♥April, 22, 2013❤️


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Reaching For the sky like it's something I just does,
Cause you said you needed something from above.

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So tomorrow is a special day, okay sure, it’s just October 22nd you know 10 days closer to Halloween, only a little over 2 months till Christmas. But to me it’s a special day. October 22nd will mark a year and a half ❤️. Okay yeah a year and a half is not much to celebrate, but to me, it’s a special mark. Idk but me and Jeremy have been through so much together. From so many tears cried, to so many smiles and laughs shared. We’ve stuck with eachother through everything too. And honestly words can’t express how happy I am that were still together, and still holding on. A lot of people doubted us, and at points even I thought how is this going to last? But here we are a year and half. A year and a half ago Jeremy shyly asked me to go out 🙈. Anyway his cuteness, caring, geekness and him playing Xbox with me, his power to make me laugh when I’m grumpy, our the long silly facetimes I enjoy, and how he always makes me feel happy all the time, and so much more make him so perfect for me. I can’t predict the future, but fingers crossed in a couple years from now were still together and walking down the aisle. I know tomorrow might not be too special to anyone else, but to me it will be even though me and Jeremy won’t be able to see eachother, I’ll just be happy that we made it. Actually I can say everyday is special, because I know there is a boy there for me no matter what, and he just makes everyday amazing. 💕
I love you. 💜

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Are you a teen? This blog is for you!